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Summercamp words September 1, 2009

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This summer,  I spent two weeks at two different international summer camps (an Esperanto week in Slovakia and a Loesje camp in Spain) and collected a few words there. (My translations or additions are in italics.)


batocchio (Italian)
It’s a part inside the bell.

caleidoscopio (Spanish “caleidoscope”)

desalniettemin (Dutch “nevertheless”)
klinkt niet alleen zo goed, maar geeft in één woord een tegenspraak na een conclusie/argument (al het voorgaande overwegende)
not only does it sound good, but it also contradicts a conclusion/argument in one word (taking into account all that has been said)

eibofobie (Dutch)
(angst voor palindrooms)
leuk woord, omdat het de angst voor zichzelf omschrift
(fear of palindromes) nice word, because it describes the fear of oneself

ora fiŝo
(Danish) goldfish

Japana vorto kiu pli malpli signifas beleta, sed verŝajne estas malfacila difini ekzakte tiun vorton
Japanese word which more or less means cute, but it’s probably difficult to define this word exactly

knyppla (Swedish “to knot”?)

“word” in Spanish

not because of the meaning, I just really like how it sounds

one of my favourite German words is
This word was the first one i gave Anna-Emilia, a Canadian friend of mine, living in Vienna at that time as a birthday present. The word Vielfalt expresses the meaning of diversity so well to me because the verb falten (= to fold) makes the picture of something small, made out of paper appear in my imagination, that is getting bigger + bigger and more + more diverse when you unfold it. (I still send her words each year)


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